The Truth About Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

The Truth About Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags are often Plastic bags with a chemical called EPI added during manufacture. The role of EPI is to ensure the bag disintegrates into microscopic pieces, called Microplastics.

Compostable Dog poop bags, made of cornstarch, completely dissolve within 90 days, with zero waste.

Dogs are loyal companions and great fun to have around, but they're also messy. A dog's smelly and all too regular contributions leave us with the problem about what to do with all that dog waste. 

Dog poo left on the sidewalk is the bane of every pedestrian. It's disgusting when trapped in the soles of your shoes, and even worse when children track it inside. 

For dog owners lucky enough to have a large backyard, there's still the issue of what to do with the waste your pets leave on your lawn every day. Scooping up dog waste is an annoying aspect of dog ownership, but it's every dog owner's duty to maintain a tidy neighborhood and a clean, safe, and odor-free backyard.

Dog Waste and the Public Health

One of the main reasons responsible dog waste disposal has become law is the number of dogs worldwide. There are just under 100-million dogs in the US alone, and an estimated 900-million dogs do their business around the globe every day. It all adds up to around 10 million tons of waste produced every year and a monumental problem for future generations if we don't act now.  

The CDC tells us that dog waste can be a health hazard when not disposed of properly. It is a known carrier of hookworm, roundworm, campylobacter, tapeworm, E. coli, and giardia. Less frequent, but just as debilitating, dog poop can also spread salmonella. Pet waste left on the ground is washed into storm drains to make its way into local water sources, along with the diseases it carries. 

Most dog owners will dutifully pick up the waste and dispose of it in the usual way, and many will use plastic dog-poop bags to do so. It's a neat and convenient solution that keeps dog poop neatly out of mind and out of sight, the yard safe and clean, and the neighbors satisfied.

However, when it comes to dog poop, convenience, and a tidy backyard are not the best for the environment. Unfortunately, once the poop-filled bag enters the landfill, it will linger for centuries before breaking down, and millions are getting thrown out every day. 

What About the Human Toilet?

Some pet owners have resorted to disposing of dog waste in the human toilet, which is considered by the EPA to be the most eco-friendly way to deal with it. 

It's an interesting solution, but not many dog owners will not want to carry a bag of dog poo home from the walk, dispose of the poo, and still have the dirty bag to deal with because you can't flush them with the waste. Even biodegradable poop bags are not suitable for flushing. 

Plastic Bags Made with EPI

Dog owners are led to believe that a plastic bag that breaks down is a good thing, even if the bag is created from plastic. Manufacturers use this claim to get pet lovers to think of their products as an environmentally sound solution, but they are not. 

Plastic bags designed to break down have a chemical called EPI added during manufacture. The role of EPI is to ensure the bag disintegrates into microscopic pieces, called Microplastics. We might not be able to see the tiny pieces of plastic, but they are still there and doing irreparable harm to people, animals, and the environment. Plus, it's a lot harder to deal with a problem you can't see. 

Are Biodegradable Poop Bags the Solution?

From an environmental perspective, we already know that standard plastic bags are not a good option for disposing of dog waste. Yes, they are convenient, but they are a short-term fix with diabolical long-term consequences. 

Surrounding dog waste with a plastic layer prevents microorganisms from breaking down organic matter. In effect, we are interrupting the natural order of things and preserving the dog poo for centuries. 

As a result, many environmentally conscious dog owners have turned to compostable doggie poop bags as a responsible solution, but are they all they are made out to be?  

The good news is that compostable bags are an option, providing you use them correctly. The problem with any bag of waste that gets into the garbage disposal system, compostable or not, is that it will quickly get buried where it cannot rot. 

Microorganisms that make compost work cannot do their thing deep underground without oxygen. It takes a well-maintained, regularly turned compost heap with a mixture of grass clippings and kitchen waste to break down a compostable bag and the dog poop it contains. 

Always look further when you see the word biodegradable on dog poop bags. It's become a marketing term to make products like dog poop bags appealing to environmentally conscious dog owners. Unfortunately, waste disposal bags that are not disposed of properly are just as big of a challenge to the environment as plastic bags. 

Misusing the bags or not having the means to properly dispose of them means that most will end up in bins and thrown into energy-hungry incinerators or dumped in a landfill. 

What's the Solution for Responsible Dog Waste Disposal?

There are ways to deal with dog waste at home responsibly. However, there will always be occasions, such as walking the dog or visiting the dog park, where bags will be required for convenience while keeping the neighborhood clean and safe. 

Plastic bags are a terrible option, even if they are the type that breaks down.  Adding more particles of plastic to the ecosystem should be avoided at all costs. 

Compostable doggie poop bags are the most environmentally friendly option, but even these bags are not created equal. Biodegradable poop bags made from plants, mainly corn starch, are superior because they break down quickly and are as convenient as regular plastic bags to use. 

You love your pets, but that no longer means you have to contribute to the world's growing waste problem. Become a part of the solution by choosing biodegradable poop bags.

Dog hygiene is now quick, convenient, and environmentally friendly.


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