The truth about Biodegradable Poop Bags (and other jaw-dropping other facts)

Many companies selling so-called biodegradable poop bags are misleading the customers. 

Companies like Earth Rated  sell plastic bags with an added chemical called EPI. This chemical accelerates the breakdown of the plastic bag but creates microplastics, small plastic pieces that poison marine animals and cause lung cancer if airborne. 

Such products are called Oxo-degradable plastics and when it comes to the damage they cause to the environment, numerous researches found that they are worse than conventional plastic bags.

Earth Rated Bags FAQ Page

Earth Rated Bags Misleading
For that reason, the EU will ban all plastics made with EPI from 2021:
EU Bans EPI Plastic bags


What are Microplastics and why are they dangerous?

Microplastics are very small particles that form 

Why are Poof Bags different?

Poof bags are not made of plastic but plant-based cornstarch.
Unlike Oxo-degradable plastics, cornstarch is plant based and completely dissolves, leaving nothing behind. 
Another way to achieve Zero Waste is using cores made of recycled paper instead of plastic.
At Poof we do not add any additives such as artificial scents or artificial coloring, yes, we take the environment extremely seriously. 
 Compostable Poop Bags


How long does it take a Poof Bag to break down?
A Poof bag will break down and dissolve within 90 days, leaving nothing behind but C02 and H20.
Are Poof Bags durable?

Our bags are 15 microns thick, making them highly durable, smell-proof and leak proof. 

How many Dog Poop Bags are used every year?

Based on Statista, 470,000,000 dogs are consuming around two dog poop bags daily, 672 annually.

Based on these numbers,  315,840,000,000 Billion Poop Bags every year.