Buying a Fuf (Foof) Chair? Our Top 10 Picks

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Large Fuf Chair

4' Large Fuf Chair - A Comfort Research creation, the Large Fuf chair may just be the most comfortable chair on the market. The 4-foot large Fuf provides more than enough room for one adult, and cozily accommodates two. The foof chair’s cover comes crafted with replaceable and machine washable fabric with double stitching for strength and durability. A great piece of furniture that will make almost any room your home, dorm room, office, or even play room more fun and energetic.

"I purchased two of the Fuf Chairs, they are a huge hit. It took us an hour or so to get one of them fuf'd up... and it's quite comfortable."

Large Fuf Chair Dimensions: 48'' H x 48'' W x 36'' D (50 lbs.)

Jaxx Sphere (5')

5' Jaxx Sphere - The Jaxx Sphere is perfect for beanbag enthusiasts seeking to capture a piece of nostalgia with the comfort of a premium memory / urethane foam mix.

"I got the sphere for some more relaxed space in my home office and it’s been great."

5' Jaxx Sphere Dimensions: 5'

4' Jaxx Sac

Jaxx Sac (4') - Whether your Jaxx Sac is in the center of a media room for gaming or watching movies, or just a tranquil retreat to kick back and unwind in any room of the house, you’ll discover extraordinary comfort that will stir the senses and grace your pad with stylish design.

"I bought the Jaxx Sac 4ft in charcoal microsuede to use in my media room. It’s by far the best purchase I have made thus far, furniture-wise."

Jaxx Sac (4') Dimensions: 4' x 3' (32 lbs.)
jaxx lounger jr

Jaxx Lounger Jr.

Jr. Jaxx Lounger - Fit one, two, or three children under 9 on the spacious Jaxx Lounger Junior Perfect for a children’s play room, school furniture, daycare furniture, this miniature lounger gives kids their own space. The ultra soft microsuede cover is available in six bright colors that kids love. Jaxx Lounger Jr. is filled with shredded furniture grade foam, and the cover easily zips off for machine washing.

"We purchased for our son and everynight story time takes place on this Jr. Jaxx Lounger!"

Jaxx Lounger Jr. Dimensions: 3" x 2'' (16 lbs.)
jaxx cocoon

Jaxx Cocoon

Jaxx Cocoon (Zak Cocoon) - Laid flat, it is a round crash pad that is perfect for hanging out, playing with the kids, watching TV, or dozing off. Turn it on its side and it’s a cocoon. Envelop yourself in an ergonomic lounge, legs up, neck supported; the cocoon is totally in sync with your every movement. Flip it up and it’s a giant retro beanbag style chair ready for your to kick back and snuggle with your honey.

"I love the cocoon! It is so comfortable, I often find myself falling asleep on my beanbag instead of in my bed."

Jaxx Cocoon (Zak Cocoon) Dimensions: 6' x 1' (50 lbs.)

King Fuf Chair

5' King Fuf Chair - The chair fit for a King like figure or for someone who just enjoys great comfort. The King Fuf chair is perfect for all kings, queens, princes, princesses, and even the courrt jester. Made with you in mind with shredded foam for extra comfort, and what most will say is probably the best size that will comfortably fit one adult or two teens. for anyone who would enjoy a soft and squishy chair to sink into at the end of a long day.

"This bag is enormous, but so very soft! My kid loves it, we have the best movie nights snuggled next to each other on this bag."

King Fuf Chair Dimensions: 54'' H x 54'' W x 42'' D (50 lbs.)

Jaxx Lounger (6')

6' Jaxx Lounger - Packed with a lot of comfort for extra plush support, the 6 foot jaxx lounger seats two comfortably; three gets cozy. Available with chic removable covers in designer four textiles which are ideal for modern living spaces. perfect for your library, playroom, entertainment room and even as a replacement for your current sofa.

"After more searching, I found this website and decided on the 6 ft lounger. I’m very pleased its a great piece of furniture. Super comfortable … good for reading and relaxing."

6' Jaxx Lounger Dimensions: 6' x 3' (57 lbs.)
jaxx cocoon jr.

Jaxx Cocoon Jr.

Jr. Jaxx Cocoon - Surround your little tykes in a round cuddle pad of comfort with Jaxx Cocoon Jr. This four foot wonder, filled with high quality shredded foam, is the perfect size for kids. Laid flat, it is a round crash pad that is perfect for playing, watching a movie, or taking a nap.

" I definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs furniture for their child’s playroom."

Jaxx Footrest Dimensions: 4" x 8" (16 lbs.)

6' Jaxx Sac

Jaxx Sac (6') - Filled with repurposed polyurethane foam micro-cushions, Jaxx Sacs are eco-friendly and environmentally responsible. This Jaxx Sac is often compared to LoveSac bean bags by our customers.

"The 6 foot sac is great! I bought this for my loft and it provides plenty of room for two people to lounge on it! My boyfriend loves to come over and watch movies because it is so comfortable."

Jaxx Sac (6') Dimensions: 6' x 3' (75 lbs.)

Jaxx Pillow Sac

Jaxx Pillow Sac - Jaxx Pillow Sac Lounger is loved by teens, kids, and adults alike for its ability to be molded into any kind of seat. Filled with comfy foam and covered in a choice of four designer fabrics, the Jaxx Pillow Sac Lounger is extremely versatile. Straddle it to play video games, flatten it out for a belly flop, or flip it and make a cozy loveseat for two. Jaxx Pillow Sac is your own personal throne of comfort.

"Everyone raves about how comfortable it is and now they all want one! I am very pleased with the quality of this beanbag, especially since it is such an affordable price!"

Jaxx Pillow Sac Dimensions: 72'' x 54'' (32 lbs.)
beanbag chair filling

Virgin Bean Bag Refill

Virgin Polystyrene Bean Bag - Rejuvinate that old bean bag chair and get lost in the fun times, fight stress after a busy day and just lounge around and make life simple.

"Purchased 2 a few months back and here we are again buying more in bulk. Great product."

Beanbag Filling Weight: 100 Litres (3.5 cu. ft.)
foof chair filling refill

Foof (Fuf) Chair Filling - Shredded Foam

Foof Chair Filling - Foof Chair Refill, also known as shredded foam or shredded urethane foam. Get it factory direct, our shredded fuf chair foam filling is the perfect option to help you rediscover that comfort that you once loved without breaking the bank. Rejuvinate that old bean bag chair

"Quality shredded foam, perfect for replacing my old beanbag filling and giving new life to my beanbag chair."

Foof (Fuf) Chair Refill Weight: 10 - 20 lbs.